The CMHA is the premier youth hockey organization in the Charlotte Metro area. Its objective is to provide ice hockey programs focused on helping youth of all ages and skill levels to learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, self-esteem, d


5 Star Hockey Development Program

Held on the Extreme Ice Center's Puddle Rink

Ages 3 to 6
Star 1:  Learn To Skate/Snow Buddies

Star 2: Skates & Sticks
6 sessions, cost includes helmet, gloves & stick
Put to use the skating skills learned in Snow Buddies to handle a puck.
Skills to learn: Glide turns, stopping, backward stance, stationary puckhandling, carrying the puck, stationary forward sweep pass & receiving a pass.
*Includes a helmet, gloves and a stick.

Star 3: Comets
6 sessions, cost includes elbow pads, shin pads & equipment bag
Continue to work on skating while developing stick skills such as passing and shooting.
Skills to learn: Lateral skating movement, front starts (acceleration), two-foot stops, crossovers, , tight turns, and forehand & backhand sweep shot.
*Includes elbow pads, shin pads and a hockey bag.

Star 4: Aces
6 sessions.  Cost includes socks, garter, pants, shoulder pads & jersey
Advanced skating with more emphasis on stick skills
Skills to learn: Crossover forward start, backward v-stop, tight turns with pucks, stopping with puck, puckhandling, forward-to-backward & backward-to-forward pivots, sweep shot while moving.
*Includes hockey pants, shoulder pads, socks, garter belt and a team jersey.
Ages 5 to 7
Star 5: Tykes
12 sessions.
Combining skating and stick skills with games to reinforce hockey concepts.
Skills to learn: Forward crossover start, two foot parallel backward stop, lateral movement with puck, backhand pass & reception, backward crossover start, fakes, dekes, and scoring.
What comes after 5 Stars?
Mite Cross-Ice Program
The main objective of the CMHA Mite Cross-Ice Program is to give 6 to 8 year olds the ultimate hockey experience.  The program is based on these idea hockey taught at this level should be based on having fun, participation by all, and while learning hockey skills.